Virtual Stopwatch Pro 3.0
Price: $25.00

An advanced multi-function clock program for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista


Virtual Stopwatch Pro is a multi-function clock program.  It runs as a Stopwatch, Timer, or Clock.  The time is displayed using a completely customizable display.  Virtual Stopwatch Pro contains a full-featured time logging system.  You can create different accounts to log time to and generate reports for any or all accounts.  Virtual Stopwatch Pro also supports configurable alarms.  Create alarms to beep, play a WAV file, run a program, or just display a message.  If you want to time an event in terms other than seconds, use Taxi Mode to configure the time base.  This is useful if you wish to keep track of phone charges, time billing, etc.

Digital Mode

Analog Mode with custom bitmap


Here are some of the features supported by Virtual Stopwatch Pro:

These Pro version features are not included in the standard version:

Customizable Display

The Virtual Stopwatch Pro display is completely customizable. You can display the time output as a digital display, a numeric display using any font or custom bitmap, or an analog display. You can optionally display data bars that show day and date, time logging status information, custom text that can scroll, etc. The title bar can be customized with custom colors and function buttons. You can even select a background bitmap that is displayed behind the time output. The font and colors are selectable for each part of the display.

Default Bitmap Mode

Analog Mode

Time Logging

Virtual Stopwatch Pro has a built-in time logging system that is very versatile.  You can create individual accounts for any number of projects.  Each account can have a labor rate assigned to it for calculating project costs. When you log in, you simply select an account that you want to log time against.  The Billed and/or Paid flags can be used for keeping track of billing information. Reports can then be pulled for any or all accounts.

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Log reports can be printed, or exported to a text file.  If you make a mistake or forget to log in or out, you can edit each log entry to correct errors. Record filtering allows you to view records in a specific date range, specific account, etc.


Virtual Stopwatch Pro allows you to create alarms that can beep, play a WAV file, run a program, or display a message.  Alarms can be configured to go off on a certain date and time, or on a set time, certain days of the week.  Alarms occur regardless whether you are in Stopwatch, Timer, or Clock mode.  When an alarm occurs, it can be set to play once, or repeat on a given interval.  The alarm that is configured in the dialog to the right will play the WAV file CHIMES.WAV three times at one second intervals, and display a message that says "Time for the weekend!", every Friday at 4:30pm.  Alarms can also be set to delete themselves from the system once they occur.

Timer alarms are similar to regular alarms with the exception that they occur when the timer count reaches zero.  You can still configure the timer alarm to do any of the actions a regular alarm will do.


Use the link below to download the latest version of Virtual Stopwatch Pro.

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Upgrading Virtual Stopwatch to Virtual Stopwatch Pro
If you are a registered user of Virtual Stopwatch, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $15.00. Either send a check or money order to Spring Creek Software, or click one of the buttons below to order by credit card. Make sure you are already a registered user of the standard version of Virtual Stopwatch before purchasing an upgrade.



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