Auction Timer
Price: $14.95

Monitor time left on all your eBay auction items


Auction Timer is a program that lets you monitor the time left on eBay auction items. 

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Unlike eBay, you can monitor as many items as you like.  You can also update the item prices and high bidders at any time.  A large digital display show the amount of time left on the next item you are monitoring.  If you wish to bid on an item, simply double-click on it in the list to go to the item's web page.

How to add an eBay item to Auction Timer

1) Right-click on an auction item in an eBay item list and select Copy Shortcut.

2) Press the clipboard button in Auction Timer.

That's it. you can now monitor the selected item.


Here are some of the features supported by Auction Timer:


Sept, 23, 2009 - Auction Timer has been discontinued.  This is due to the high maintenance that this product requires vs. the volume of users.  Basically, each time eBay changed the format of their item pages, Auction Timer required modifications so that it could find the information it needed.  Support for this product will continue through September 30, 2010.  After that, there will not be any more fixes or releases.