Welcome to the Spring Creek Software Company website.

Our primary product line consists of graphic clock software.  These programs are being used anywhere that events need to be timed, such as: radio stations, classrooms, outdoor race events, sporting events, government functions, etc.  Virtual Stopwatch CE even made an appearance on a TV program.  Many businesses are using the time logging features of our programs to track project costs and print reports for billing.  A lot of the features found in our programs are the result of requests from users.  As a result, our programs keep evolving as features are added.  Once you purchase a software license, it is good for all future versions of that product.

Here are a few of our featured products...

Virtual Stopwatch
This is a versatile stopwatch/timer/clock program.  The digital/analog time display is completely configurable.  It also has a full featured time logging system with custom reports.  You can use this program to create alarms and reminders.

Virtual Stopwatch Pro
This program is the same as Virtual Stopwatch, but supports the following advanced features.  There is no limit to the size of the time display.  All of the timing and time logging functions can be controlled through the joystick port.  You can log into multiple log accounts at the same time.  It also supports command line parameters to perform functions when starting up.  This version will also speak the time on the hour, half hour, or when requested.

Virtual Stopwatch Enterprise
This is the same as Virtual Stopwatch Pro, but was written to work in a multi-user environment for time logging purposes.  It is administered through Virtual Stopwatch Administrator.  All time is logged to a single database on the network.  This system is very useful for project time logging with multiple users.

Virtual Stopwatch Presentation
This graphic timing program is aimed at the professional presentation market. It supports advanced features like thresholds and transparency along with all the other Virtual Stopwatch graphic options.

This is basically an extended task manager for the PocketPC.  It supports multiple color schemes, ten priority levels, and date reminders.  Tasks can be imported/exported from Pocket Outlook.

Auction Timer
This is a handy program to monitor the time left on eBay auction items.  Adding items to Auction Timer is as easy as cutting and pasting the link to the eBay auction item.  You can monitor as many items as you like.  You can also update the current item price and high bidder at any time.  A large digital display show the amount of time left on the next item you are monitoring.  To go to an item's eBay page, simply double-click on it in the list.